Royalty collection is a complex labyrinth requiring professional guidance. The Music Modernization Act has brought significant changes to the copyright and royalty collection process for the biggest publishers to the DIY artist and there are an estimated $3 billion in unclaimed royalties looking for their rightful owners.


Michael J. Flynn, Jr began his career in the music business in 1991 working on behalf of artists rights as a paralegal on the Love vs Irving Almo and related litigation involving the deprivation of legendary American Pop artist Mike Love of the Beach Boys and his co-authorship of many of the Beach Boys biggest worldwide hits. In 1996 he began his technology and music marketing career working on the world wide web’s first site dedicated to music, More recently he has worked on Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence applications to help artists navigate the Music Modernization Act. He has worked as an experimental film maker, trans-media artist, busker, D-I-Y Musician and independent label owner. His company Iconic Artists LLC was one of 55 companies lobbying Congress on the Music Modernization Act. IA was the only company lobbying on behalf of artists rights.

Bespoke Royalty Analysis & Unclaimed Royalty Acquisition

If you are a music copyright holder, session musician or background singer who has written and copyrighted a song in the last 56 years there is a good chance you have unclaimed royalties. Iconic Artists provides bespoke auditing services, royalty analysis and copyright infringement identification.